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X Spaces & AMA

Past spaces
June 5, 2024
Web3 gaming as it is: What defines Web3 games and how they differ from their predecessors

Speakers: Scott Herman from WAGMI GAME Co, Wojtas from, Timur Ismailov from Wormfare, TokiBusa from TokiBusa LLC, Ayu from Gamety

Past spaces
May 22, 2024
Chain Reaction: The Future of Cross-Chain

Speakers: Eric Ma from Deeper Network, Kyrylo Iusov from CoinAvatar, Sina from 21st Capital, and Nikwadz from DapDap

Past spaces
May 8, 2024
Copy, Paste, Profit: Social Trading in DeFi

Speakers: Carlos Otermin from Unlockd Finance, Henry Pham from Titan Trading Platform, Mati Greenspan from Quantum Economics and DeFiniTed

Past spaces
April 24, 2024
Halving Hype: Bull Run Predictions

Speakers: Igneus Terrenus from Mantle, Scott Herman from WAGMI, Rudo, CryptoData, Anton Golub from Swiss Asset DAO

Past spaces
April 10, 2024
Bridging Worlds: Tokenizing RWA

Speakers: Stephen Allen from Rari Chain, Pedro Sandoval from Brickken, Daniel Kaines from Blocksquare, Oleksandr Krupynskii from Rentality, CryptoData, Anton Golub from SwissAssetDAO

Past spaces
March 27, 2024
Automate to Dominate: Bots The Future of DeFi Trading?

Speakers: Lex from Moontrader, CryptoData, Stephen from Rari Chain

Past spaces
March 13, 2024
Network Effects in DeFi: Exploring Narratives and Impact on Adoption

Speakers: Pandacrypto from TheCryptonics, Baro Odyssey, Crypto Talkiez, zkMike, Electric KC

Past spaces
February 28, 2024
Altcoin Season - Smart Strategies

Speakers: Olasuky, DexLaboratory, Igneus Terrenus from Mantle, InfoSpace OG

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