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Experience the most innovative, decentralized crypto asset management platform. Create and access the most successful portfolio strategies, cross-chain.

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Cross-Chain Crypto Portfolios

Securely manage your assets across multiple blockchains with our non-custodial crypto portfolios, and automatically follow an expert's strategy.

Portfolio management & Trading Strategies

Follow portfolio strategies from successful portfolio managers with proven track record. Join exclusive social clubs, leverage the wisdom of experienced community and optimize your wealth management approach.

Cross-chain portfolio marketplace

Explore a diverse range of portfolio strategies, cross-chain. From DeFi yield farming through niche-specific like Gaming or L2 portfolio, to those with max market cap value and TA-based trades. Possibilities are endless. Pick the one you like the most.

Third Party Auditing

Ensure the safety and reliability of your investments with comprehensive third-party automated auditing and strategy verification, promoting transparency and trust in the platform.

How MC2 Finance Works

Simplified Crypto Wealth Management

MC2 Finance streamlines the process of managing your crypto assets with expert guidance and a user-friendly platform. Discover how easy it will be to leverage our cross-chain marketplace, expert community, and automated auditing to optimize your tokens.

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Connect Your Wallet

Easily connect any compatible wallet to the MC2 Finance platform using WalletConnect, providing secure and seamless access to our services.

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Explore Strategies

Browse expert-vetted token strategies, review risks, audits, and ratings to make informed decisions and find the perfect fit for your goals.

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Customize Your Mix

Find your perfect mix by simply sliding between your selected strategies, tailoring your portfolio to suit your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

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Learn from Experts

Stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest secrets and insights from our expert community, enhancing your knowledge and investment strategies.

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Grow Your Wealth

Monitor your portfolio's performance, adjust your strategies, and enjoy the benefits of expert-guided crypto wealth management.

Our Trusted Partners

Chains benefit from growing their ecosystem, increasing TV, TVL and amount of tokens while having engaging content for their KOLs.

DEXs can fully whitelabel our platform, increasing their TV, TVL as well as creating audited content


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Meet Our Team

MC2 Finance is led by a passionate and experienced team of professionals in the crypto and startup space, dedicated to revolutionizing crypto wealth management and driving innovation in decentralized finance.

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