Web3 gaming as it is: What defines Web3 games and how they differ from their predecessors

MC² Finance Team

June 5, 2024


Talking Points:

  • Understanding the Popularity of Web3 Games: Discuss the factors contributing to the massive user base of games on blockchain.
  • The Key Features that Make Web3 Games Attractive to Users: Explore the unique selling points that make these games stand out and attract users.
  • Insights from Web3 Game Developers: What Goes into Creating a Successful Game? Understand the developers' perspective, the challenges they face, and how they overcome them to create engaging games.
  • Strategies for Monetizing Web3 Games: Discuss the different monetization models used in games and their effectiveness.
  • Web3 Games tokenomics: Do all Web3 gaming projects have their tokens and how really important they are.
  • The Role of Community in the Success of Web3 Games: Explore how the gaming community contributes to the success of these games and how developers foster this community.
  • Mobile vs Stationary: Platform wars - does it really matter?
  • Future Trends: What's Next for Games in Web3? Predict the likely scenarios for evolution in web3 gaming.

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