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Co-Founder MC² Finance

Ecosystem benefits

Regulatory aligned

Manage portfolios without ever holding custody of assets.

Navigate the complex landscape of digital asset management with a platform that ensures compliance with regulatory standards, enabling you to manage shareable digital asset portfolios without the traditional custody concerns.

Time efficient

Operate all your strategies from a single wallet on a single chain

Streamline your operations and manage all your shareable digital asset portfolios from a single point of access, saving time and allowing you to focus on strategy development.

Instant visibility on all partners & DEXs

Gain instant visibility on all our partners´platform and and earn from their user base backing you.

Leverage our extensive network for immediate exposure, increasing the chances of your strategies being followed and mirrored by a wider user base across various platforms.

Simple global reach

Earn from followers on multiple chains on all our partners´platform

Expand your influence and potential for your strategies to be followed by users across multiple chains, enhancing your presence on a global scale without the hassle.

Reputation-Based Strategies

Manage funds without ever holding custody of assets.

Engage with strategies that are built on a foundation of trust and proven performance, allowing backers to make informed decisions based on transparent, verifiable track records.

Real-Time Guarantees

Operate all your strategies from a single wallet on a single chain

Benefit from a platform where updates and strategy adjustments are applied instantly, ensuring that backers can follow the strategies of their choice without delay.

Third-Party Audits

Gain instant visibility on all our partners´platform and and earn from their user base backing you.

Have confidence in the security and reliability of the platform, with regular evaluations by independent auditors to maintain the highest standards of integrity and safeguard all participants.

Increased TV

Manage funds without ever holding custody of assets.

Drive more activity to your platform with engaging strategy showcases and competitions, resulting in a greater volume of interactions.

Increased TVL

Operate all your strategies from a single wallet on a single chain

Attract a community of dedicated backers, contributing to an increase in Total Value Locked and fostering a robust trading environment.

Increased Activity

Gain instant visibility on all our partners´platform and and earn from their user base backing you.

Boost liquidity and user engagement on your exchange as strategies are actively followed and mirrored, creating a dynamic trading ecosystem.

Increased Assets Under Management

Manage funds without ever holding custody of assets.

See a rise in the assets you oversee as backers seek out secure methods to participate in strategies while maintaining direct control over their digital assets.

Safe Entry to DeFi

Operate all your strategies from a single wallet on a single chain

Provide a secure bridge for clients to enter the DeFi space with MC² Finance, offering peace of mind while they follow strategies that reflect the pulse of decentralized finance.

Create your first strategy

Share your proof of performance and strategies with confidence.
Join competitions and amplify your reach!

Create a strategy
On-chain trust

Our strategies are fully backed by verified on-chain data.

Strategy showcase on time

Compete and win recognition and prizes.

Affiliate rewards

Refer and earn with each successful partnership.

Jan 24

Early access competitions - test your skills

Q1 24

First digital asset portfolios based on MC² Finance

Q2 24

DEX integration launch

Summer 24

Token launch

X Spaces & AMA

Discover more
May 22, 2024

Chain Reaction: The Future of Cross-Chain

Join us for an enlightening Ask Me Anything, session with our founder, Christoph Richter, and Advisor Mati GreenSpan. In this interactive event, you'll have the unique opportunity to delve into the inner workings of our company, gain insights on our future plans, and learn how we're tackling the latest industry challenges.

Past spaces
May 8, 2024
Copy, Paste, Profit: Social Trading in DeFi

Speakers: Carlos Otermin from Unlockd Finance, Henry Pham from Titan Trading Platform, Mati Greenspan from Quantum Economics and DeFiniTed

Past spaces
April 24, 2024
Halving Hype: Bull Run Predictions

Speakers: Igneus Terrenus from Mantle, Scott Herman from WAGMI, Rudo, CryptoData, Anton Golub from Swiss Asset DAO

Past spaces
April 10, 2024
Bridging Worlds: Tokenizing RWA

Speakers: Stephen Allen from Rari Chain, Pedro Sandoval from Brickken, Daniel Kaines from Blocksquare, Oleksandr Krupynskii from Rentality, CryptoData, Anton Golub from SwissAssetDAO

Past spaces
March 27, 2024
Automate to Dominate: Bots The Future of DeFi Trading?

Speakers: Lex from Moontrader, CryptoData, Stephen from Rari Chain

Client custody

Backers can choose to store their assets in their wallet, with a custodian or eventually with a bank.

Co-Founder MC² Finance

Spotlight on excellence

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MC² Finance is accelerated and funded by Tenity

MC² Finance is a member of the prestigious Tenity accelerator, backed by leading financial institutions including SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange), UBS, Franklin Templeton, Julius Bär, Generali, XRP Ledger, and KeyRock.

Based in the fintech hubs of Switzerland and Singapore, Tenity is acclaimed globally, earning a place among the top 25 startup accelerators by CB Insights.

Tenity DemoDay at Google Zurich
MC² Finance Collaborates with Web3 Leaders for DeFi Contests
Cointelegraph Accelerator
MC² Finance: Christoph Richter macht jetzt aus DeFi Wettbewerbe
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Softstack Pioneers the Future of Startup Funding with Innovative Technical Due Diligence Services
Softstack Pioneers the Future of Startup Funding with Innovative Technical Due Diligence Services
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TradFi-friendly crypto portfolio management: MC² Finance joins Cointelegraph Accelerator
Cointelegraph Accelerator
BLOCKCHANCE 24 - the Web3 conference
Our Switzerland Demo Day is this week, and we couldn’t be more excited 🇨🇭

Upcoming on 14+ networks and protocols

Ethereum Mainnet
BNB Smart Chain
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Frequently asked questions

When will I be able to create a Digital Portfolio on MC² Finance?

Currently, our platform is hosting trading competitions which serve as a precursor to creating Digital Portfolios. As a participant, you're essentially setting the foundation for your future portfolio. The full capability to create investable Digital Portfolios is planned for a Q2-2024 release. In the meantime, engaging in competitions helps in establishing your strategy while contributing feedback that shapes the final product.

Is there a cost associated with participating in trading competitions?

No - There are no direct costs associated with participating in our trading competitions. They are designed to allow Strategists to demonstrate their abilities and engage with potential followers without any financial barrier.

As a Strategy Creator, how will I be able to promote my strategies on MC² Finance?

All strategies created with the MC² Finance technology will be able to become visible on the MC² Finance partner network. By creating a strategy with us, you will gain exposure and the opportunity to validate your strategies with a transparent, on-chain performance record, which can attract a dedicated following.

As a DEX, Chain, or portal, can I integrate MC² Finance technology on my own website?

Yes, MC² Finance provides a flexible white-label solution that includes API access and customizable widgets. We will assist you in adapting the visual elements to match your brand, allowing for seamless integration into your existing online presence.

As a Strategy Backer, how will I be able to back a strategy without transferring my funds out of my wallet?

Our platform utilizes the principles of decentralized finance, enabling you to back strategies while retaining full control of your funds. By mirroring the chosen strategy within your wallet, you can participate in the success of that strategy without needing to transfer your assets.

As a Strategy Backer, do I need to manually approve each change a Strategy Creator makes?

Not at all. Our automated decentralized protocol handles strategy updates in real-time, mirroring the Strategy Creator's actions in accordance with your preferences and risk parameters. This allows for a hands-off experience while ensuring your backer criteria are respected.

How does the referral program work on MC² Finance?

When you sign up, you'll receive a personalized referral link. Sharing this link helps grow our community, and when individuals you refer excel in trading competitions or become active ambassadors, you'll gain recognition for your role in expanding the MC² Finance network.

What is the ambassador program and how can I become an ambassador?

The ambassador program empowers proactive members of our community to take a more prominent role in promoting MC² Finance. You can become an ambassador by engaging in activities and completing quests on Zealy that help spread awareness and assist others in learning about our platform. Ambassadors are pivotal to our community and enjoy exclusive access to special features and events.

How can I provide feedback or suggest features for MC² Finance?

Your insights are essential to us. Share your thoughts and ideas via our community channels on Telegram and Twitter, or submit them directly through the feedback forms on our platform. Your input helps us continually refine and enhance the MC² Finance experience.

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